Agile HR Principles

  1. Captivate employees and nourish their passion and potential through valuable experiences and exceeding expectations.
  2. Shape and scale a strong culture that ensures key values are lived up to and remain at the core of how purposeful delivery and interactions take place.
  3. Organize around value streams and build a network of empowered, self-organizing, and collaborative teams and support the creation of a scalable structure and environment.
  4. Co-create a stimulating work environment and give people the support and trust they need to get the job done.
  5. Strengthen the intrinsic motivation and drive of people and provide meaningful recognition and celebrate success.
  6. Support continuous feedback and relentless improvement; and facilitate and encourage continuous learning, exchange of ideas, information, knowledge, and skills.
  7. Invest in human connections and build strong relationships; and care about the happiness, health and welfare of your people.
  8. Respond to individual needs and aspirations; and establish encouraging methods of stimulating and boosting meaningful progress and growth.
  9. Co-create meaningful HR solutions in an iterative and incremental approach.
  10. Be proactive, learn quick, and improve constantly to deliver value; and remember: Simplicity beyond complexity – the art of maximizing the amount of work that is not done – is essential.